It’s been a journey…

We wanted to create a gin that would not only make a great Gin and Tonic but would primarily be used in classic cocktails. A gin that was reminiscent of when the Monterey Pines were planted in Cornwall: the 20’s and 30’s of The Great Gatsby, prohibition and Art Deco. The process of experimentation and refinement has taken over two years. 

We wanted to use an Organic base spirit of premium quality in a ‘One Shot’ distillation method. This means we can only produce a few hundred bottles per run, it is more time-consuming and requires more craft but unlike the more commonly used ‘Concentrate’ distillation method, it means that Monterey is not changed from maceration to bottle apart from the dilution with de-mineralised water. No chilled filtration is used in the preparation of Monterey as we want all of the distinctive oils and flavours of the eleven botanicals to sing louder and prouder in the final mouthfeel of our gin.

Some of the more unusual botanicals in Monterey are Gentian Root (from India), Mate (an Argentinian Tea) and Sea Buckthorn.

The Process - 

  1. INFUSION: we steep the 11 botanicals with the Organic Grain Spirit in Shirley (the Copper Still)

  2. Shirley is slowly heated as the infusion evaporates 

  3. The distillate cools and condenses 

  4. The ‘Heads’ and ‘Tails’ of the run are discarded leaving the ‘Hearts’ of Monterey Gin 

  5. The ‘Hearts’ are diluted to 43% with de-mineralised water