The Monterey story began in early 2016 on the slopes of the Tyrolean alps. We were discussing which of our favourite gins would suit certain cocktails after a number of years developing our preferences in the speakeasy’s and bars of London. Unable to resolve our differences we decided to begin the journey of making a classic but distinctive organic Cornish gin. 

We have been distilling different variations of botanicals and techniques for over two years to finally arrive at the unique Monterey formula. We wanted to keep production levels low in order to focus on quality, consistency and the ‘Single Shot’ method allowing absolute control of the character of our gin. We wanted to use a premium base organic spirit and the finest botanicals. Our intention was to create a premium gin that would be prominent in the finest bars, used by the best cocktail makers in the world. 

Our distillery sits in the shade of the Monterey Pines on the banks of the Helford River in Cornwall. These majestic trees are native to the coast of California and particularly in Monterey County but have become a familiar site on the Cornish coast where they stand over the native coppiced oaks of the Helford. 

As with most fulfilling journeys it has been longer than expected and not without challenge but we are very proud of our gin and we hope you enjoy every drop.